energen cereal.

Minum Energen Cereal, minum makanan bergizi.” Tenonet! Do you know this food? Or drink? Or food? Well, I’m still unsure about the classification of Energen Cereal. Is it a food? Or a drink? Or both? Probably both. Anyway, let’s move on.

The Energen Family. Chocolate is my favorite one, Im salivating now.

The Energen Family. Chocolate is my favorite one, I'm salivating now.

Energen is some kind of instant breakfast food (or drink?) that you could eat (or drink?) anytime and anywhere. It is packaged in a sachet and has powdery texture. Energen has three kinds of flavor, chocolate, vanilla, and ‘kacang hijau’ (what is kacang ijo in English? Is it green beans?). The chocolate is my favorite one. This is the description from http://www.mayora.com,

‘Skipping meals is not an option. This instant milk cereal is made from natural ingredients and so full of nutrition that will give you a daily dose of healthiness with the taste that will leave you wanting more.’

‘Taste that will leave you wanting more.’ Exactly! Energen has just-the-right-amount of sweetness, a bit salty, and bitterly taste that united beautifully (unlike Nano-Nano candy, I HATE IT) to become a pleasantly delicious taste (a bit exaggerating here). Nevertheless, I don’t like the ‘Kacang Hijau’ (green beans in English? I don’t know, do you know? I know the Latin name, it is Phaseolus Radiatus) taste, since I think it is kind of bizarre (bizarre love triangle?). I don’t even like the taste or the appearance of ‘Bubur Kacang Ijo’.

energen box

The Energen box. It's empty, because I eat (or drink?) it ALL.

At this moment I’m going to tell you how exactly I eat Energen Cereal. Firstly, I open the pack (duh?!). Secondly, I lick my index finger until it is kind of damp. Thirdly, I plunk my index finger inside the Energen pack until the Energen powder glued to my finger (gross, I know, but it is marvelously GREAT!). Fourthly, I lick it. Continue step three and four for several times until the pack is empty. In between step three and four; I also use my thumb to aid the process of grasping the powdery Energen (and usually end up with the powder scattered all over my clothes). I just love when the Energen powder feels gluey on my finger, gross but irresistibly good at the same time.

Thumbs up for Energen!

Thumbs up for Energen!

I know, I know, the pack said (what? The pack can talk?) that after you open wreck the plastic open you should empty the content into a mug (or a bowl, I don’t know, because Energen is also considered food, right?). And afterwards, put some hot water inside the mug (or bowl) and enjoy (drink it or spoon it, it’s up to you!). However, I think it is much more tasty to eat it my way. And we don’t have to follow the exact rules right?

Energen Cereal is one of my favorite food (or drink? I still can’t decide) since I could eat it (or drink it?) in loads of ways. It is cheap (well, sort of, not in circle K though, Rp. 3000,- for a pack!), quite fulfilling, low in calorie, contains loads of vitamins (according to the pack, it is also good for your skin), could be prepare only in a split second (literally), and really long lasting if you eat it my way.

Any thoughts? Share your way of eating (or drinking?) Energen Cereal!

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  1. destroyerbeat says:


  2. benjie tan says:

    hi to all
    im in philippines
    why is it the energen is out of stock here?
    hard to find here in my province
    pls reply

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