I LIKE (bulleted) list

Suddenly I’m thinking about the stuffs (any kind of stuffs, really) that I like. It could be random, but it’s just crossed my mind.

So, I have an idea of listing all the stuff that I like (and that I dislike, although it haven’t crossed my mind yet) here.

It wouldn’t be in order of preferences, so I’ll call a BULLET list, not a NUMBERED list.

and this is the first one.


It’s about Access Card.


access card

an access card



I like access card. It gives you access 🙂

And the sound, when you open the door, makes you feel important!



To be honest, I’m not quite good at opening a door with a key. Sometimes it’s just stuck and cannot be turn. So the idea opening the door by tapping a card sounds very good to me!


the place where you tap the card


And this is the picture where I tapped my card on it:




Sorry for the frozen yogurt cup that blocking the pict, my hands were quite full at that time.

So, there you go, an access card. Awesome.


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