(really really) not feeling well

Okay, I supposed this post is more of a ineedtopurgewhateverifeelnow post rather than provideatleastabitofinformation post. SO pardon all the typo, non-sense, or other stuff that you’ll read for the next couple of minutes. (Or simply stop reading the post)

I got my wisdom tooth swollen for days now. It’s now the 9th of February 2011 and I remembered the first time I felt that it is swollen is on the 3rd of February 2011. I’ve been on liquid diets on the past couple of days (it doesn’t make me lose weight, I had lots and lots of ice cream to soothe the pain and throbbing of my swollen gum) and I miss chewing, seriously. Liquid diets make me feel hungry every 3 hours and it makes me drink and eat all these calorieladden liquids (milk, sugary drinks, ice creams).

My face is puffy and I look fat (well, I did gain some weight but seriously my face is not supposed to be THIS round??). I didn’t sleep much for the last couple of days because my tooth was throbbing. I googled puffy face and turns out it is caused by, guess what, lack of sleep (cause your body to retain water). THANK YOU. I guess swollen wisdom tooth and lack of sleep are not a very good combination.

Other causes include dehydration (yes, I did hot yoga 2 days in a row, I sweated like a pig and I didn’t consume lots and lots of water afterwards, or for the past few days – not to mention the high amount of caffeine that entered my body made it even worse because it’s a diuretic and makes my body FLUSH the water inside), lack of vitamin C (yes yes, I should have taken my food supplement, because my diet is not nutritious enough, but yet I keep forgetting to take it every day).

And I just remembered, I took lots and lots of painkillers (of course not exceeding the daily intake, but almost) and the painkillers contain caffeine. UGH, it makes this even worse. Maybe I should switch to Aspirin, should I? Anyway..

It’s not that I’m sick but my body is really not in a good condition at the moment. I definitely should do something to make it better!! And yes, I’ll list the things that I need to do IMMEDIATELY to get back on track:

  • Drink lots and lots of water (I aim to consume at least 3 liters of water per day)
  • Sleep EARLY (I might need to restrict myself to use my laptop at home)
  • Consume adequate food supplement every day (Multivitamin + Vitamin C)
  • Drink/ eat watermelon (It said to be high in Vitamin C so it’ll help to reduce puffiness)
  • Buy some fruit from the supermarket
  • Eat properly
  • Consume as little caffeine as possible (or maybe I’ll switch my coffee to green tea)
  • Buy green tea bags from the Supermarket (Hahaha)
  • Go to the dentist (booked an appointment later today)
  • Do another yoga class tomorrow

Okay, there. I’ll update the post and cross out the things that I done.

I cannot do selfpity now because I need to take some actions to fix my body condition. I hope I will feel better in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed.

I put a tempura pict, just to show how much I miss chewing crunchy food. Not that I’ll eat it if my gum is not swollen, I’m too fat already, I’ll stick to salad. And I miss eating salad A LOT (lettuces are too hard for me to chew at the moment)

2 Responses to “(really really) not feeling well”
  1. strawbearies says:

    oh kenoy… poor you… how’re u now???

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