Profile: Not exactly a writer. But i like to write. At least when I want to. Pretty moody about this kind of stuff. This blog, started as an assignment when i was in Uni for Creativity and Innovation class. I tried to make a new one but, I feel like I like this one better. It feels more familiar to me. So, I'll 'reuse' this blog. Hello! I noticed that I tend to think about random stuff when I'm tired. I laugh easier when I'm deprived of sleeping hours. Oh! and I tend to be chattier too. But lately, I'm pretty much alone most of the time (sound sad? don't worry i still have a good social life) because I'm doing my 1-year internship in Hong Kong (I'm Indonesian, FYI). With no one to share my thoughts with (and these kind of random thinking sometimes are quite annoying to certain people, especially people that you just met) I write this blog to share some of my thoughts. And to be on the safe side (I need to get this thing out of my head too or I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy soon). Oops. I'm talking too much. Enough about me, I want to hear what do you think?

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