coffee jelly

I’m on a diet. I love desserts. Not a good match. I love coffee. I love jelly. Turns out to be a good match. And I found something that really suitable for me at the moment. Something to eat, i meant. Because it’s not easy to find something that you actually want to eat on … Continue reading

I LIKE (bulleted) list

access card

Suddenly I’m thinking about the stuffs (any kind of stuffs, really) that I like. It could be random, but it’s just crossed my mind. So, I have an idea of listing all the stuff that I like (and that I dislike, although it haven’t crossed my mind yet) here. It wouldn’t be in order of … Continue reading

GodFinger: addiction

Lately I have played this game called ‘GodFinger All-Stars’ for quite a lot. I’ve even persuaded some of my friends to downloaded it on their iPhones and they became addicted too. This game is highly recommended! (acting like a god is quite fun) Here’s what it looks like: Basically, you could build your own planet, … Continue reading