(really really) not feeling well

Okay, I supposed this post is more of a ineedtopurgewhateverifeelnow post rather than provideatleastabitofinformation post. SO pardon all the typo, non-sense, or other stuff that you’ll read for the next couple of minutes. (Or simply stop reading the post) I got my wisdom tooth swollen for days now. It’s now the 9th of February 2011 … Continue reading

the usual end-of-year post. and the benefit of being listomania*.

Whoa, I really can’t believe it that it’s December the 22nd already. Although I must say that this year is one of the good year in my life. I remembered there’s a year (I don’t remember which year exactly) that suddenly passed and I felt like I did nothing on that year, and just wasted … Continue reading

GodFinger: addiction

Lately I have played this game called ‘GodFinger All-Stars’ for quite a lot. I’ve even persuaded some of my friends to downloaded it on their iPhones and they became addicted too. This game is highly recommended! (acting like a god is quite fun) Here’s what it looks like: Basically, you could build your own planet, … Continue reading

what’s the opposite of lemon?

okay. it has been bugged my mind for days. i need to know now. it’s about the metaphor ‘when life give you lemons, blablabla’. what’s the opposite of lemon that represents the good stuff?? is it apple? or grape? or there actually none?   my curiosity almost killed me, i try google buttt, there are … Continue reading

energen cereal.

“Minum Energen Cereal, minum makanan bergizi.” Tenonet! Do you know this food? Or drink? Or food? Well, I’m still unsure about the classification of Energen Cereal. Is it a food? Or a drink? Or both? Probably both. Anyway, let’s move on. Energen is some kind of instant breakfast food (or drink?) that you could eat … Continue reading

dying by laughing #1

This picture is featured in JAK & JIL, a website contains the ‘most-fashion-forward-people-ever-and-the-model-too’ picture in London, Paris, New York and other sophisticated fashion spots. (see http://www.jakandjil.com for details) And I saw this picture. I laugh my ass off (literally) Isn’t it ironic? HA HA HA