coffee jelly

I’m on a diet. I love desserts.

Not a good match.

I love coffee. I love jelly.

Turns out to be a good match.

And I found something that really suitable for me at the moment. Something to eat, i meant. Because it’s not easy to find something that you actually want to eat on a diet (that’s won’t ruin your diet), at least for me.

So let me introduce you to my favorite dessert!

it’s coffee jelly! (duh?)

I like the one that I bought in a Japanese convenience store (I have a thing for convenience store, I just like it, no I meant love it) when I went to Tokyo a couple of months ago, that looks like this:

super yummy!

LOVE IT! It was a perfect dessert for me because it is relatively low in calorie, it taste great and it’s very satisfying as a dessert (at least for me). To bad it’s not that widely available in HK.

I found one brand beverage brand that sells coffee jelly in HK that is quite descent, but I cannot found it anymore. It’s a bit different with the Japanese one because the coffee jelly is put inside a bottle and you have to shake it well first before you eat it. It looks like this:

-need to find the images first, i even forget the brand of the coffee jelly :(-

Of course, you could always make it on your own, just google it there’s plenty of recipes out there. And I believe there will be the instant version one (not ready to eat) in the supermarket. I guess I’m just too lazy to make it on my own..

Oh! I remembered the Japanese super market in HK sell the ready-to-eat coffee jelly! Usually they put it together with the yoghurts and milks.

For coffee lovers, you’ll like it..

One Response to “coffee jelly”
  1. admirerofsmartgirl says:

    Are you smoking? and drink coffee regularly?
    You are very weight-conscious, aren’t you? i guess it is your main concern if i may say so.
    Avoid rice completely, but food diet is one thing, another good recipe is do exercise every morning right after you wake up, you can even do it in bed if you are lazy enough to get up.

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